Saturday, June 22, 2024


I am NOT a fan of summer.

It is too hot.

And there are bugs.

And did I mention the heat?!?!

So, I had three Junior Novelizations to read this week...I got two of them done.

Wish (the Disney movie) and The Garfield Movie.  We often will snag the jr. novels as a way to preview a new movie in which we aren't certain if the content/language will appeal to our family or not.  We have found it to be more reliable than reading reviews.  

I am SUPER excited to see The Garfield Movie - it looks to be a really, really cute storyline.  I did not get Inside Out 2 jr. novel read yet...hope to tomorrow.  I also hope to get back to my TBR list, there are soooo many I need/want to get read. 

We actually had a pretty bumpy week this week, so I also pulled out 8 Class Pet + 1 Squirrel / 1 Dog = Chaos by Vivian Vande Velde and you know what?  No matter how old we get, how many times we read this book, it is always a favorite.  

I finished the Old Testament chronological and am now reading the New Testament.  I decided to follow the Blue Letter Bible chronological plan for the New Testament portion (I followed an app called "reading plan" up until now). 

Here is hoping to a better week ahead than the one we just walked through.  💖

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