Tuesday, January 10, 2012

as the morning breaks

cold and quiet I tiptoe through the house. Seeking a few moments of quiet before the rest of the house stirs I light a candle, flip the coffee pot on and start to fill it with water. As I wait for the first piping hot cup of joe, I head into the living room, grab my binder and my Bible and plop down. As I flip through the binder, tidbits of my week so far flutter through my mind and I cringe. Here I am seeking to live a life that is full of joy and I think I spent more time complaining yesterday than I did giving thanks. And really what do I have to complain about? Yes some days are very hard, yes some days seem impossible, but collectively I have NOTHING absolutely nothing to complain about. I come to my list of verses that I am memorizing this year and the first one reminds me to rejoice in Adonai - to seek His strength. And yet day after day I attempt to eek out life in my own strength. No wonder I am fighting complaining at the end of the day. The verse does not say rejoice in yourself, it says to rejoice in Him. It does not say look to your own strength and seek your own face, it says to look Adonai.

And so today as we wake, stretch our muscles and our minds I am given another opportunity. Another chance to learn and live out Psalm 105 verses 3 and 4. More than I deserve, but I am SO thankful for it.

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