Monday, January 9, 2012

clear water

combined with the sun setting behind the bare winter trees makes for a gorgeous reflection to get lost in. It was as if I could slow time down and sit a while. To breathe in and out. To dream for a moment. Gone were the tense moments of forgotten lessons and dirty dishes still to be washed. Instead a world of hope beckoned.

Then as quickly and unexpectedly as the moments arrived, they were gone. Chased away by a noisy flock of geese startling me back to reality and off I rushed to get the next thing tackled. Before I went though I tucked that scene in my heart and tonight as the day winds down I can still see the vivid pink, purple and orange streaked across the sky. The absolute blissful silence, the damp cold ground and the curve and line of the branches. I can smell the smell of someone burning wood not too far away and still wish I had a cup of hot coffee to warm my hands as I stood and gazed at the beauty around me.

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