Saturday, January 21, 2012

My prayer...

I rise and greet this beautiful morning, conscious of your fresh mercy. May it saturate my life, my moments, my words, my thoughts, my heart. May it drip drop drizzle down into even the hardest to reach crevices of who I am. May it stick to me, thick and unshakable. SO much so that when I go to speak or serve or just to be, others that surround me and come into contact with me would be blessed by Your mercy that has clung to me. Through my words. Through my acts of service. Through my looks and my smile. Through my touch. For we are blessed but to be a blessing.

Because of Adonai's great compassion, steadfast love we are not consumed. His compassion, his mercy never, ever comes to an end. In fact it is new each and every single morning. Great is His faithfulness. (Lamentations 3 : 2 & 3 paraphrased)

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