Friday, October 5, 2012


Lisa-Jo Baker Five Minute Friday
Does sitting here staring at your screen for five minutes use up all of the five minutes to write?  Because if so then I am over the limit already when I typed the first word.  *sigh*  I am working on another writing project, so I am dry.  I have no words to really say anything beyond the generic rambling I am so good at.  So I thought I would do a welcome to our day post.  (feel free to skip :) )

Welcome to our home, our life.  We typically get up around 6:30 or 7:00.  Usually I am waking up to my kids, not for them (Inspired to Action thought).  I peak out of my lids and they are jumping up and down with barely controlled excitement to start their day.  Usually I will hear, "Momma hurry we can have special time before anybody else wakes up."  Within ten minutes of the first one awake the entire house is up.  Dog included. 
Oops which reminds me I need to go feed him.  Pausing the post.  OK Tanner was definitely happy to see me :). 

So our school day officially starts at 8am.  It runs until 5pm.  And every fifteen to thirty minutes there is something scheduled. I do have chunks of time thrown in there for free time for each of my children while I am working one on one with whomever's turn it is.  We stick to this schedule most days, but on the bad days, we hunker down, hold on for the wild ride and get through it. 

We eat breakfast around eight, lunch around eleven thirty and dinner anywhere between five thirty and six thirty.  Snack is a floating thought.  We used to have "tea time and poetry" everyday, but have not gotten back into that routine this year for some reason. 

The subjects we cover are Bible, Memory, Math, History, Read Alouds, Science, Language Arts : Spalding Method Spelling, Reading and Writing (some with this program, but mostly with another), Language Lessons, and Writing with Ease.  Plus my oldest is doing Wordly Wise this year for vocabulary.  We also squeeze in music, art,  and Hebrew.  We schedule an outing every other week (plus all of the doctor visits we have).  We use Sunday afternoons for any catch up/leftovers.  Our days are full, chaotic at times, funny, and busy. 

By the time my husband gets home my children and I are ready for a break.  We eat dinner together as a family, sometimes watching a movie.  Then it is time for meds, teeth, and read alouds.  Lights out at nine, an hour or so for me, and then I fall into bed exhausted only to get up and do it the next day all over again.  If you notice I did not mention chores or cleaning...ummm yeah.  That is a problem we are trying to figure out.  I keep the dishes and the laundry up during the week, but have yet to figure out how to clean and teach and feed my family all in one day.  So if you have any ideas, feel free to share them in the comments.

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  1. I have a difficult time writing anything in 5 minutes as well... It gets better with practice! :)