Monday, April 29, 2013

Making a Math Notebook

A few years ago I read about an idea a teacher posted on her blog about some math notebooks she made for/with her students.  They added entries throughout the year so that at the conclusion of the year the students had a nifty math reference notebook to take home with them.  I thought that was an awesome reference tool, but couldn't figure out how to do one here at home with three different grade levels. 

So this past week I began playing with an idea.  I got out an extra three ring binder notebook and began searching for some "tools" to put into it.  I stumbled across some awesome websites (links will be at bottom of post) printed out a TON of stuff :) and got out my stack of sheet protectors. 

I want to interrupt myself for a moment to say, if you are new to homeschooling there are several things I recommend always having on hand:
post it notes
index cards
notebook paper
plain white paper
crayons, colored pencils, markers,  highlighters
sheet protectors
extra three ring binders
You will use these way more than you ever expect to.  At least we do/did.

OK - anyway - this notebook is going to be something each of them can use and continue to add into.  It has very basic stuff, like time and money for my youngest, to some harder things like mean, median, & mode, simplifying fractions, and ratios, percentages, long division rules etc; for my oldest.  It has math facts, lines, angles, & measurement information for my in between kiddo as well.  It has some math charts, some worksheets (I have found that vis-a-vis wet erase markers work the very best on sheet protectors), and lots and lots of vocabulary words.  Since we are using one large three ring binder for everyone to share, I am not adding in their examples (worksheets or papers they complete) but you could certainly do that if you want to make an individual one for each child.  I hope this helps!
Links I used :

Living Math Books List

Math Charts to Print Out

Math Worksheets Printables

Math Vocabulary Words

Next up is a Language Arts Notebook and then a Science one.  I will probably wait to tackle those over the summer.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Mornings!

I discovered the Inspired to Action blog a while ago, maybe a year or two?  Anyhow, I immediately signed up for Kat's emails and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  I stumbled across her free ebook (maximize your mornings) and when I read her goal was to stop getting up to her children and instead get up for them, it was like something clicked for me. 

I knew I wanted that. 

So, I tried waking up at a set time here and there and it was more hit than miss in the beginning.   But on the mornings that I was able to do it, to get up ahead of my children, our day was SO much better.  It was unreal what a difference that simple step made.  But the problem was I just could not (or if I am honest...would not) get to bed in enough time to get up consistently each day.  Life was (and continues to in some ways to) spiraling out of control and so I made the decision at the end of March that no matter what I would get up by 6:45 am (I am slowly moving my wake-up time back, my goal is 6:00 am) every.single.morning.  My husband has been my accountability partner.  It has literally been my sanity to have the mornings.  I get up, start my coffee, do some simple exercises, read my Bible (trying to be more consistent in this), light my candle, write, and check Amazon Kindle Free Books.  I review my daily plan for school and slowly sip my coffee and eat my nutz over chocolate energy bar.  I love it.  I have only missed three mornings (each set of circumstance being completely out of my control and required grace) and although I am not consistent in my routine, I am feeling wonderful about the habit I have made.

My goal for this Hello Mornings! is to conquer my routine and be consistent about it.  I am not on twitter or facebook, so I will post a weekly update on my blog (each Friday).  My sweet husband has agreed to continue to be my daily email accountablity partner :).  I love him because no matter what he gets behind me and encourages me...even when I have start over repeatedly, he is still there cheering me on!   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

life has been...


But through it all God has remained...
a rock
a fount of hope
the wellspring of life
my comfort
my help
my refuge
grace filled to overflowing
my salvation
my strong tower
my shield

in short He is simply...
my everything

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

Horrified and saddened by what I saw pouring through the news outlets last night, today I join countless others on my knees before God.  I pray for those hurt, those who lost, those who were terrified, the rescue workers, the medical staff, the safety and wisdom for the leaders of the city, of the state, and of our country.  I pray for all of the people who live in and around where all of this unfolded that they may again be able to go about their days, not filled with the fear that death can happen at any moment, but filled with the hope of life.  That they would not see the fingerprint of evil around them, but instead feel the hand of God cupping them close.

THIS was one of the most beautiful blog posts that I have read. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I needed an escape.  The words are scrambling to get out.  So I find myself  here. 

Yesterday I glanced outside and the trees have literally burst forth with new life.  The tiny green leaves look so healthy and strong, if I stared long enough it was almost as if I could seen them shivering with excitement.  The joy of the birds and the chubby squirrel were almost palpable.  I turned away and found myself wanting that.  That joy, that new life to unfurl within me.  Because it feels like in my personal life, we are still knee deep in a long, cold, quiet winter.  The snow is still falling when it seems like everyone else is basking in the sun and gentle breezes.

My sweet husband bought me an audio book last night.  It was from the Bible Experience, Psalms.  OH MY, OH MY.  It was the best three dollars and ninety-five cents we have ever spent.  Exhausted I crawled into bed last night, my children are sick.  Again.  Which means more than a simple cold.  It is not my story to tell, but the simple things become complicated very easily.  I am tired.  I have not slept through a full night in so long….I plug in one headphone, leaving the other out so I can hear if I am needed, ask my husband to help rub backs and feel my eyes heavy.  The hope, the truth, the beauty play softly in my ear. 

The next thing I know I open my eyes, twenty minutes before my alarm!  I want to stand on the bed and sing hallelujah a the top of my lungs, but then realize that would wake everyone else up.  Not so nice.  So I practically skip down the hallway.  My children slept through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like a new woman.  I can again hope that today could be a good day, I can slay the laundry dragon and tame the unruly kitchen.  I am no longer brought to tears over the cheerios on the floor, oh no, I can wield the vacuum cleaner like an expert.  Granted there is no rhyme or reason to how I vacuum (think Phoebe from friends, the way she runs….this is the way I vacuum and mow the grass…yes I drive my sweet methodical husband absolutely nuts!  J but he loves me anyway).

Then I come in here with my steaming coffee and decide to light a candle and play the book aloud as I begin my day.  I see a new Hello Morning email in my box.  I open it and am again reminded that God cares for us so deeply.  He meets us right where we are.  That means something different to everyone.  But today, for me, it means that I realize that His mercy is new EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  That is good.  Because some days I drink to the bottom of the container.  But you know what?  There is always enough, I never have to subsist on the dregs.  There is always enough sweet mercy to meet each day. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


There are too many things on my plate right now.  There is a lot going on in my private life right now, so I need to take a break from the blog.  I love to write so I will definitely be back, I just don't know when.  I wish all of you the very best of days!